RMC Consulting is a DOMINANT marketing & sales consulting firm servicing the Birmingham area. We are a leading direct marketing company specializing in a results-driven, face to face sales approach. What makes our services and expertise unique is our capability to handle any size campaign and still personalize results.

RMC Consulting works on behalf of leaders within the cable, telecom, cellular, renewable energy and solar fields. Clients from these respective industries hire us because we have unparalleled customer acquisition, which in turn increases profit margins and offers a 100% ROI. We bring speed, efficiency, and personality to every campaign we consult on. The most important thing every business needs, and the hardest thing for any business to do is to gain new customers, yet it is our niche. Outsourced sales is a $10 BILLION industry, projected to reach $100 billion in the next 5 years. As our client and industry grow, so do we.

What makes RMC Consulting an award-winning local business is our culture. We are comprised of a wide collection of countries, educations, and personalities – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve been described as ambitious, professional, and perseverant.

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